The 87th Academy Awards

best pics



  1. The Magical and Inspiring Opening Number (plus Jack Black)
  2. Eddie Redmayne’s win and acceptance speech.
  3. NPH’s Birdman Impression
  4. Tribute to the late greats (shed a tear for Robin Williams)
  5. Common’s Acceptance Speech
  6. Adeel Dazeem and John Travolta
  7. Graham Moore’s Acceptance Speech
  8. Emma Stone Winning a Lego trophy
  9. Patricia Arquette’s Acceptance Speech
  10. Everything is Awesome

Top 5 BOO!/WTF?!/LOL in a Bad Way Moments:

  1.  Racist Sean Penn (It’s obvious that Birdman will win when his name was called. Could’ve been Mel Gibson but Penn is okay.)
  2. The Eddie Murphy Joke by NPH
  3. Terrence Howard’s intimate moment
  4. J. Lo’s dress
  5. Big Hero Six winning over Princess Kaguya (at least it’s not How To Train Your Dragon 2)